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How to add a jar file.

In relation to the following error
---package does not exist

I followed the suggestions on

and I found no Jar folder as per what Xamarin guide suggests where I can add the jar file which might fix this issue:

Can you suggest where to add the jar file.

In my project solution in Visual Studio I have Properties, references, assets and resources but not Jar.

Where do I add the jar file?

I have attached the screenshot which shows the error I am getting and the file structure.

Apologies if my question was vague. Please let me know in case you need more details.

Thanks for ur help in advance


  • RobertoManganoRobertoMangano CHMember ✭✭

    Your project is not a BindingLibrary Project i take, but a droid application instead.
    Am i right?

    you need a JavaBindingLibrary project. It will give you all the folders and xml files you need

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