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Linking SDK Assemblies Only makes app not work properly


I have this problem on Android.

In Release Mode and Debug mode, with Linker set to SDK Assemblies,
The app starts hitting random breakpoints in activities that should not even be instantiated.
Something is clearly wrong and the app flux is completely broken

In Release Mode and Debug Mode, set to Linker None, everything works perfectly.

In Debug Mode, with Shared Runtime On (previous two had it unchecked) and Fast Deployment on, it works perfectly.

What does this mean? I see no exceptions in the LogCat (nor on Genymotion, nor on my phisical Device)
I have not set any "skip linking assembly" yet.

Not using linker means my app gets 60M instead of 32

Ps: i'm not using proguard. Only Multidex. No AOT.


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