Upgraded to Android 7.0 - No longer builds

fekbergfekberg AUInsider, University

I installed the latest Stable Xamarin, JDK 1.8 and the SDK for 7.0 and now all of a sudden the build starts to break.

First of all, I started getting "java exited with code 2" which indicates that I need to enable Mutli-Dex, so I did.

Now I'm getting the following error instead:

1>CREATEMULTIDEXMAINDEXCLASSLIST : error : Expecting class path separator ';' before '\Android\android-sdk\build-tools\24.0.3\lib\shrinkedAndroid.jar' in argument number 8

Tried swapping over to the beta channel, still the same issue. Anyone got a workaround for this?

Did see a bugzilla report for this issue, but not sure it is being addressed? Is 7.0 not fully supported?

This is what I have installed in the SDK Manager:

Would appreciate any suggestions.



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