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Xaml On Demand User Case

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When the XamlLoader thread was closed, the last comment by Xamarin staff was to lay out our use-cases, so I wanted to lay out the use-case that I proposed a year ago, here:

I have a 'Xaml-On-Demand' use-case where Styles are dynamically loaded from a WebService, can you, for example, imagine a Xamarin incantation of a social network (say Facebook or SnapChat), where you could select your Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber style: all of the pages, etc, would be the same, just the Xaml skin would be styled differently. I did a Windows RT proof of concept on this, and it works well.

Apps could therefore have add-on sales where new skins (i.e. 'styles') could be chosen, and for example, it is very realistic indeed for celebrities such as PewDiePie, with his 53 million YouTube subscribers, to commission their own skins for apps that could substantially increase his revenue.

Although I accept that the present decision is to leave the XamlLoader private, the work-around, of course - given that Xamarin Forms is open source - is for those who need it, to fork the latest Xamarin Forms source, make it public, and use that in their app!

I'd love to see one of the big apps fork Xamarin Forms from GitHub and do this, just to drive this forwards!

So my contribution here, as part of the Xamarin Forms 'Evolution' campaign, is to raise the profile of the matter that Xamarin Forms is open source, and forward-thinking proponents of things such as this, should be considering forking and doing video demonstrations of their proof of concepts - or committing actual apps to the stores - that have used their modified Xamarin Forms fork!


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