Issues with Button Press Events/Touch Events on windows touchscreens

Last week we started to test our application with touch enabled monitors. Specifically a Surface Pro 2 and a HP Spectre x360. Upon testing we found that the buttons we added to our Urho Application's UI.Root were not working correctly.

Through debugging I noticed two things.

  1. Every time I touched the screen with a single finger there would be 2 touch events fired. One would have a pressure of 0.5 and would appear higher than the spot I actually touched. The second would have a pressure of 1.0 and would be at the exact spot I touched.
  2. The further down on the urho surface that I touch, the wider the gap became between the two touch points.

In addition the Urho.Forms.Button Pressed event was being fired based on the incorrect touch event (one with pressure of 0.5 and positioned higher than my actual touch spot).

Now, I've looked through the Urho.Forms code and I don't see anywhere that it would be triggering extra or incorrect touch events, so it seems these are coming right from Urho3D like this.

Is anyone else having this issue or does anyone else know what might be wrong. I've tried a few different ApplicationOptions and nothing seemed to affect this situation.

Note: For now I've eliminated using the button press events and went to rolling my own handlers by performing a hit test within the OnTouchBegin event, but only for the touch event with a Pressure of 1.0.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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