Very confused, Azure databases and xamarin forms(shared)

Hello I've been looking over notes, videos and other blogs about setting up a connection to an azure easy tables database for a simple login in system i am creating. Unfortunately a lot of stuff seems to be conflicting one another.
At first I thought I was to create an entirely new project separate from my xamarin forms app that would be a work between that app and the database. Now I'm seeing tutorials that seem to do all that functionality within the xamarin forms project. I have checked and there is no premade folders for functionality within xamarin forms when i start up. (These being the controllers, view models, models and views).
If anyone could help me out for i can finally make some progress on this i would be eternally grateful.
I am currently using visual studio on windows 10 and have created the bare bones app for xamarin forms shared project.
I have already set up my azure easy table in my azure portal.
I am looking to know what are the next steps to make the connections for posts, updates deletes and so on.
When answering try explain things to me like a novice because at this stage i feel im getting nowhere and am very stressed out.
Thank yo for your time!


  • JohnHJohnH GBMember ✭✭✭✭✭

    The preferred way of access a database over the internet is via some form of WebAPI. That is the example I think you first refer to.
    But there is nothing stopping you writing a Xamarin app that talks directly to the azure db over the internet, that sounds like the other example you mentioned. I wouldn't go down that route except maybe... we'll I can't actually think of a good reason.
    Xamarin doesn't have anything to do with ASP.NET or WebAPI as such, other than it can make calls to it. so you would ideally still create your WebAPI (in Visual Studio) that is hosted in Azure and it talks directly to the azure db, and then your Xamarin app makes calls to the WebAPI actions.

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