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Need A good Guide

Could some one please link me a good guide for developing a connection and database functionality with an azure database with an xamarin forms (Shared) application.
I have been search High and low for a good step by step of setting up and developing this for my login and registry system of my application.
So far
-I have made the backend part on azure with the connections, database easy table and everything else
I know i need a web api to go between which I have started on an azure web api.
And i have my base project Xamarin forms application ready to go BUT!

I can't find a simple guide on setting up all the rest the most recent one does seem to mention any api at all so i had to stop that one and Im getting so confused with it all.


  • JohnHardmanJohnHardman GBUniversity mod

    @GavWasTaken - Do you have access to Xamarin.University? If so, there are courses on there regarding Azure, SQLite, OAuth2, and integrating all of those together with offline synch.

    If you haven't got paid access to Xamarin,University, sign up for the free trial and see how much you can access.

    I haven't seen a good sample that integrates all of those bits and PCLCrypto, but one day...

  • GavWasTakenGavWasTaken IEMember

    Unfortunately the free trail doesn't seem to access a lot so it doesn't seem to help much. Sorry.

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