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Quick Question. Azure Databases and Xamarin Forms.

Just wondering when setting up my project i have made some of the relatively simple front end stuff. But while looking into creating a connection to a back-end azure database to store basic user logins and registered accounts (Be they new or pre existing) I found a good tutorial but he starts to create a project. I realize you need a web api to interact with your azure cloud database but was wondering if that means you create a separate project for the API and another for your mobile application. If so now would be a good time to realize that before i make a huge mistake and waste valuable time!
Thanks that's all!

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  • GavWasTakenGavWasTaken IEMember

    Thank you so much! This helps alot and yes the example video I was looking at does invlove Evovle app with Mike James & Adrian Hall :)

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