set Bunch of Materialises to model

Hi ,
How can I set ApplyMaterialList in urhoSharp I added text File which Listed Materialises files as name in that
Materials/Material #3.xml
Materials/01 - Default.xml
Materials/Material #5.xml
Materials/Material #7.xml
Materials/Material #4.xml
Materials/03 - Default.xml
Materials/04 - Default.xml
Materials/05 - Default.xml
Materials/02 - Default.xml
Materials/06 - Default.xml

But It does not work and Does not apply to model(.mdl) but for for Single Material did work the Block Code is follow below :
boxObject.Model = cache.GetModel("Models/Box08.mdl"); //Loaded
// boxObject.ApplyMaterialList("Box08.txt"); //Does not work
boxObject.SetMaterial(cache.GetMaterial("Materials/Material #3.xml")); //Loaded and apply to the model

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