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[PRISM] Help on navigation

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I use prism like this:

My app start and i do this:

await NavigationService.NavigateAsync("UserConnection");

When user connexion is ok i do this:

await NavigationService.NavigateAsync("Master/Nav/Home");

It's work, i can navigate and i got my menu on every pages after this.

First question:
Why if i navigate to a page from my menu (masterdetailpage), this new page got a burger and not a back arrow whereas if i navigate from this new page i got on the next page a back arrow!
Menu->Page = burger
Menu->Page-> Another page = Back arrow

Second question:
When i disconnect my user i back to UserConnection like this:

on await NavigationService.NavigateAsync("UserConnection");

My menu is displaying whereas i want to leave my MasterDetailPage, how i can fix it?

Third question:
Where and how i can manage the back when i'm on the first page ?
Connection -> Master/Nav/Home
If i use the physical back key, i back to connection page! I want display a popup before this action!

Help me please @BrianLagunas :smile:

Best regards!

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  • voidstreamvoidstream FRMember ✭✭✭
    edited February 2017

    @BrianLagunas Thanks

    2 -
    My app start on UserConnection
    I navigate to MasterDetail/NavigationPage/Home
    Now if i do

    await NavigationService.NavigateAsync("UserConnection");

    The result (i think because i got the slide menu on android) is: MasterDetail/NavigationPage/UserConnection
    whereas i just want UserConnection without MasterDetail/NavigationPage/

  • voidstreamvoidstream FRMember ✭✭✭
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