How to deploy a Web Service from Xamarin Studio

Good afternoon, everyone.

I'm running Xamarin Studio (Mac OS) and I need to deploy a Web Service in order to build a safe communication with a MySql Database which my Xamarin.Forms app depends on

So far I've opened a new solution and added a new "Web Service with CodeBehind" from the Asp.NET Web Forms palette.
Now I have all template stuff: a DataWebService.asmx with a single line and a DataWebService.asmx.cs with an empty class inheriting from System.Web.Services.WebService.

Now, all I want is to learn how to deploy this Web Service so it can be imported by my other App and consumed.
(I do have a domain to deploy it to, but I won't mind localhost)
In order to make things as simple as possible, a HelloWorld application will do just fine.

----- Extra comments:

I suppose this is pretty much everything I'd have to do in Visual Studio, but I'm avoiding the need of another machine - even a virtual one, once I don't have a Windows license.
It seems to me that a wizard should be able to do the rest, but apparently there isn't such a thing in Xamarin Studio (which I'm hoping to be wrong)
The CodeBehindService.asmx.cs lacks the [WebService] directive I've seen on my research so far, which makes me think Xamarin Studio is still incomplete and can't support me in this task

I don't mind doing some work myself, though I'm not sure of what would be needed. My priority is: deploy

What I have: an almost empty asmx file; a dll binary
What do I do with it?

I tried simply uploading them but the "Add Web Reference" wizard asked for a discovery file; as you can see I lack the basics.

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    As far as I could learn, ASP.NET Core (the cross-platform portion) doesn't support WebServices. My solution was to build it in a Windows environment and now I'm trying to consume it ( I say trying because I'm having some headache with that, subject for another thread though ).
    Thank you for the attention @JGoldberger


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