Profiler doesn't receive a response from the App

AlexRodriguezAlexRodriguez USMember ✭✭

I'm trying to diagnose a memory problem with my application, and I'm running into problems getting the profiler to connect to my application.

The logs seem to indicate that the profiler is closing my application because it hasn't received a response from the app in 30 seconds. I believed this was because I had forgotten to turn on the "Enable Profiling" option for the project. Once doing so, I saved, cleaned, and built the application to try profiling again, only to run into the same problem.

When I reopened the project, I noticed that the "Enable Profiling" option was unchecked again. I can check it again, close the project, and re-open it, and reproduce this consistently. The flag seems to unset itself.

If I look at the .csproj file itself in a text editor, i see that the row true is present - so I'm unsure if this is causing the problem, or if the project properties editor is getting confused in some way.


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