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Adopt CarouselView Control


Please create a core Xamarin Forms control which works like CarouselPage, but is a View. CarouselPage doesn't meet requirements because we cannot include other controls on the screen with this control. Here is an example of a well made CarouselView which could be a candidate for a core control:

API Changes

Please add a control called CarouselView which behaves the same as a CarouselPage but can be added to pages with other controls on it.

Intended Use Case

The CarouselView control will be used for cases where the user will need to navigate through multiple pages of content, but will also need other controls that are always on the screen regardless of which page they are view. For example, our application is intended for editing work tasks. There will be multiple pages on the screen at one time, but at any point in time, the user may need to hit the save button regardless of which details they are editing. This is not currently possible with the CarouselPage.

This control is a pretty good example of what I am requesting:

Something like this should be made to be a core control.


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This already exists


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