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Trying to get Dev environment set up - Xamarin & Emulator issues

Hello all,

I'm somewhat new to programming with Visual Studio. I've worked with other web development platforms in the past, but I wanted to explore web and app development w/ VS. I was directed first to Xamarin and will look more into ASP.NET stuff later. I'm having issues with my emulators and can't seem to troubeshoot it effectively on my own. I'm using VS2015 (and Pro 2017 RC to see if it was an issue w/ my install of Community VS 2015) and using the latest download of Xamarin.

1. Issues W/ VS2015
2. Issues w/ VS2017
A. Blank Xamarin App (Portable)
B. Droid Emulator
B. Windows Emulator

1. On loading a Xamarin file in VS2015, I get an error msg saying I'm missing "App.g.i.cs". No

2A. First issue was, there's no Blank Xamarin App (Portable), which is a problem since every tutorial/class suggests using it. All I can tell is that the Windows 8 and Mobile Windows 8 Solutions have been removed, and I'm not sure what else.

2B. In VS2017, Droid emulator won't run, citing a Deployment error in the popup. The Output stream says,

1>emulator: WARNING: Crash service did not start
1>emulator: ERROR: x86 emulation currently requires hardware acceleration!
1>Please ensure Intel HAXM is properly installed and usable.
1>CPU acceleration status: Please disable Hyper-V before using the Android Emulator. Start a command prompt as Administrator, run 'bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype off', reboot.
1>Emulator Android_Accelerated_x86 was stopped.

I've already disabled Hyper-V and made sure Intel HAXM is installed and usable. I've updated my JDK, and my Android SDK packages and the error still pops up. Not sure if it's because I downloaded VS2017 but both the Droid and iOS solutions are incompatible now.

2C. I switched to the Windows Solution to see if I'd be able to practice coding in that instead while I figured out the issue w/ the android emulator and it had it's own issues. Building the files opens both the emulator and the Local Machine, but the program isn't installed on the emulator. Works on the Local machine though.

Last but not least, if anyone could suggest a way for me to learn this from a mentor/ school as opposed to on my own, I would be very greatful.

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