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Running UITest on physical device doesn't work. App Installed in device but doesn't start the app.

After Running the UITest, Project App and DeviceAgent App are installed in device but doesn't start the app and run the test cases.
The project keeps running and didn't reach the code after app.StartApp().

I have tried running the test from Xamarin Test Recorder and received the same issue.

Test Recorder Log:

[12:26:29] LOG STARTED: Tuesday, January 31, 2017

[12:26:29] Initializing user preferences

[12:26:29] Initializing Mixpanel

[12:26:29] Setting up iOSDeviceTools

[12:26:29] Checking for Java installation

[12:26:29] Found java installation at /usr/bin/java

[12:26:29] Checking for Android SDK installation

[12:26:29] Checking for Android SDK at: /Users/gccm/Library/Developer/Xamarin/android-sdk-macosx

[12:26:29] Found Android SDK at /Users/gccm/Library/Developer/Xamarin/android-sdk-macosx

[12:26:29] Checking for mono installation

[12:26:29] Looking for Mono framework at: /Library/Frameworks/Mono.framework/Commands

[12:26:29] Found mono installation at /Library/Frameworks/Mono.framework/Commands/mono

[12:26:30] Unable to determine booted iOS simulator: 2017-01-31 12:26:29.944 simctl[4264:123459] CoreSimulator is attempting to unload a stale CoreSimulatorService job. Detected relocation or CoreSimulatorService version change. Framework path (/Users/gccm/Downloads/ and version (303.8) does not match existing job path (/Users/gccm/Downloads/Xcode and version (307.14.2).

2017-01-31 12:26:30.194 simctl[4264:123459] Failed to locate a valid instance of CoreSimulatorService in the bootstrap. Adding it now.

2017-01-31 12:26:30.197 simctl[4264:123459] Failed to load CoreSimulatorService. Access to simulator services will not be available. Error=Error Domain=NSPOSIXErrorDomain Code=61 "Connection refused" UserInfo={NSLocalizedDescription=The loaded job does not match our expectations: pathOfLoadedJob: /Users/gccm/Downloads/Xcode, our frameworkPath: /Users/gccm/Downloads/}

2017-01-31 12:26:30.197 simctl[4264:123464] CoreSimulatorService connection became invalid. Simulator services will no longer be available.

Unable to locate device set: Error Domain=NSPOSIXErrorDomain Code=53 "Software caused connection abort" UserInfo={NSLocalizedFailureReason=Failed to subscribe to notifications from CoreSimulatorService., NSLocalizedDescription=Failed to initialize simulator device set., NSUnderlyingError=0x7f977da00280 {Error Domain=NSPOSIXErrorDomain Code=53 "Software caused connection abort" UserInfo={NSLocalizedDescription=Error returned in reply to notification request: Connection invalid}}}

[12:26:30] Process: 'xcrun simctl list --json devices' exited with code: 1

[12:26:33] Launched Test Recorder

[12:26:33] Mac OS Version: Version 10.12.2 (Build 16C67)

[12:26:33] Recorder Version 1.0.2

[12:27:13] Creating ios session for app: /Users/gccm/Downloads/CreditCardValidator.iOS/CreditCardValidator.iOS/bin/iPhone/Debug/build-ipad5.4-10.2/CreditCardValidator.iOS 2017-01-31 12-22-45/CreditCardValidator.iOS.ipa

[12:27:14] Injecting calabash into iOS app

[12:27:14] Installing /var/folders/7n/01mjy0bs0lqbdtb56hm_r6x80000gp/T/test-recorder/ios-injection/calabash.dylib

[12:27:14] Linking calabash.dylib

[12:27:15] calabash.dylib is already linked. Skipping.

[12:27:15] Installing /var/folders/7n/01mjy0bs0lqbdtb56hm_r6x80000gp/T/test-recorder/ios-injection/recorderPluginCalabash.dylib

[12:27:21] XDB: 1 - InstallApp:

pathToBundle: /var/folders/7n/01mjy0bs0lqbdtb56hm_r6x80000gp/T/tmp587a8a56.tmp/Payload/

deviceId: 928a305466140fb795290c97ec79e5394594f8f4 : 

[12:27:22] XDB: Running: /var/folders/7n/01mjy0bs0lqbdtb56hm_r6x80000gp/T/xdb/DeviceAgent.iOS.Deployment/aaa222ead8ed496c84e0bee8bc78d8eb/bin/iOSDeviceManager install -d 928a305466140fb795290c97ec79e5394594f8f4 -a "/var/folders/7n/01mjy0bs0lqbdtb56hm_r6x80000gp/T/tmp587a8a56.tmp/Payload/" :

[12:35:53] XDB: Exit code '0' received from '/var/folders/7n/01mjy0bs0lqbdtb56hm_r6x80000gp/T/xdb/DeviceAgent.iOS.Deployment/aaa222ead8ed496c84e0bee8bc78d8eb/bin/iOSDeviceManager install -d 928a305466140fb795290c97ec79e5394594f8f4 -a "/var/folders/7n/01mjy0bs0lqbdtb56hm_r6x80000gp/T/tmp587a8a56.tmp/Payload/"' :

[12:35:53] No existing calabash server detected

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