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Explicit Reference ignored by mtouch

We're running into a problem with our iOS builds where mtouch seems to be ignoring certain references of ours. The reference in question is to one of the dependencies of one of our nuget packages (a sqlite library), and the first time our app tries to connect to the sqlite db, the app crashes with an exception, seemingly because doesn't have the code required to access the db.

Looking at our build output and the build logs - it seems like msbuild calls mtouch, passing it a long list of references with the '-r' argument. Immediately afterwards, we see output of mtouch copying all the specified references to the cache location - with the exception of our one dll. When we examine the cache location we don't see the dll, and if we open up the ipa, we don't see the AOT'd files for this dll.

Building locally, our logs show the dll being copied, and the AOT'd files are in the ipa.

It seems like this is a problem with our build server - I know, but we can't for the life of us figure out why this dll is being ignored. We don't seem to be getting any feedback from mtouch about it. We supply mtouch with the -v -v -v -v argument, and have diagnostic output enabled for msbuild.

Does anyone have any idea why this could be being ignored?

This is the call to mtouch from our log (I've removed some of the references, because there were many. I also noticed that the references were specified twice)

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