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How to remove a binding library?

JunDuJunDu USMember ✭✭


I have a binding project which binds two Objective-C libraries. Now I want to remove one of them and encounter problem:


On the Xamarin Studio, I did the following:

  • removed the libABC.a binding node, which includes both "libABC.a" and "libABC.linkwith.cs" files
  • removed all related definitions from "ApiDefinition.cs"

When compiling, I got the link error, stating that one of the Native References in another project still depends on the binding. OK, I then removed the Native Reference entirely. However, the linker continues to complain about the missing binding:

**Error MT5211: Native linking failed, undefined Objective-C class: ABC. The symbol 'OBJC_CLASS$_ABC' could not be found in any of the libraries or frameworks linked with your application. (MT5211)

I searched the entire solution and there is no key word of "ABC" anywhere. I guess some compile command somewhere still takes effect and checks the missing library.

What is the proper way to remove unused Objective-C binding(s)?

Jun Du

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