How to generate .IPA file

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How to generate .ipa file in xamarin forms in Visual Studio..



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    This is how I do it:
    You probably already have a Provisioning Profile in your developers-profile on Apple. You also need a Provisioning Profile in the section "distribution". Once that's done you have to download this profile in XCode (XCode -> Preferences -> Accounts).

    In Visual Studio you also have to set the Solution Configuration to Ad-Hoc (at least that's the only one I have used so far). In the Properties of the iOS-project you will also need to set the identity of the iOS Bundle.

    If everything went well, you will have your API-file once the solution has been build.

    FYI: to show the location of the IPA file you can easily choose the option Show IPA File on Build Server from the Context menu of your iOS-project.

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    You should be able to locate the generated IPA file in the "bin\iPhone\Ad-Hoc\Name of your app folder" on your Windows machine.

    Just remember if you want to side-load IPA files onto an iOS device via something like Hockeyapp you'll need an Ad-Hoc Enterprise certificate, otherwise you have to add the UDID of each device to the provisioning profile and rebuild the app each time (Assuming your not putting it in the AppStore)

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    I recently added a new iOS app project to my existing solution and when I normally set my build configuration to Ad-Hoc and then rebuild, and then right click on the iOS project > Show IPA File on Build Server, both the Ad-Hoc and AppStore build configurations for the new iOS project were missing. I had to copy the build configuration from another iOS project (editing the project files in a text editor) to make them appear. I am now able to view my IPA file on the Mac. Not sure how else to get this working at the moment.

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