Replacing classic Windows menus

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We are creating Xamarin Forms tablet (not phone) apps that are based upon originals from Windows desktop and Silverlight. Because of their Windows backgrounds, the original apps are quite dependent upon classic Windows menu bars and context popup menus. There are native controls for menus in Windows so they are easy to code and have a familiar feel. UWP also has a CommandBar control where popup menus are natural to it.

On Android and iOS I don't think a similar concept of menu bars or context menus exists (correct me if I'm wrong). I've used a Xamarin Forms library to simulate menus using floating Frames and Grids, but it doesn't feel natural and there are sizing and behaviour quirks.

Pretend that classic Windows menus never existed ... so in the native Android and iOS platforms, what controls or techniques are used to allow a user to "pick from a set of commands" in a natural and familiar way? Perhaps the question is meaningless because the UI paradigms are different?

Advice or discussion on how to replace context menus in a way that feels natural on Android and iOS tablet apps would be most welcome. Are the required controls encapsulated by the XF platform class libraries? Are there 3rd party libraries for this?

Thanks, Greg

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