How to reduce APK file size for a mobile app?

Hi Team,

I have created a mobile app using Xamarin.Forms to target multiple platforms which contains following 4 projects PCL, Droid, iOS and WinPhone. Later I have noticed the file size of the APK as 41 MB. Then I have applied some changes as per the links below,

1) LINKED assemblies --> DONE
2) ProGuard --> Done
3) Reducing the Image size and other resources minification. --> Done

Note: We have used 'OxyPlot dlls' for graph related functionalities and 'Xamarin.CourselView dlls' in the project.

After performing all the above the file size was reduced to 20 MB. (Also I have created an app in android as similar to the xamarin app and I have noticed the file size as 6MB.)

Please suggest a solution to reduce the APK file size in Xamarin.Forms to 6-7MB.


  • VulcanVulcan TWMember ✭✭✭
    It is seen that is impossible for Xamarin.Forms.
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