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I have implemented custom font for my Xamarin forms project. In iOS, it works perfect, with the help of info.plist. In Android, I have declared CustomLabel, CustomEntries and CustomButtons in order to use Custom Font. However, I am not able to create CustomAction Bar to use custom font. Please help.


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    Try this

    @RendyDelRosario said:
    A workaround would be doing a custom renderer for the NavigationPage

    public class CustomNavigationBarRenderer : NavigationRenderer

      public override void ViewDidLoad()
          this.NavigationBar.TintColor = UIColor.Gray;
          this.NavigationBar.BarTintColor = UIColor.White;
          this.NavigationBar.TitleTextAttributes=new UIStringAttributes()
              Font = UIFont.FromName("HelveticaNeue-Light",20)


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    @ipdavies This works fine for iOS app. There has been no problem. I am not able to overcome the same in Android. Please suggest similar for Android.

  • KarthikRamKarthikRam USMember ✭✭

    Anybody.. Please suggest..

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    @MartinRoos Did you ever found a solution to this?

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