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How to properly get rid of 65k method limit on debug mode?

I'm trying to set multidex for my debug build (on production I use Proguard, but it seems on debug this is not allowed). It works great to solve the 65k limit but the compilation for a clean build it's not acceptable (more than 3 minutes). I'm afraid I'll spend most of the day compiling the project :slightly_smiling_face:

I've hear that targeting API 21 on minSDKVersion should solve this problem (at least for "native" android) since a predexing feature becomes available and this improves compilation times

I have 2 problems with this 1) I tested set minSDKVersion to API 21 and compilation times are not reduced 2) I don't know any mechanism to target different API levels according build configuration (on production I still need to target API 16)

do you know any workaround for this?


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