xaml.g.cs files aren't updating automatically

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Good Morning.

Background on me: SharePoint Developer (C#) trying his hand at cross-platform development. This is my very first Xamarin project. I have all platforms selected and currently working on the Android platform. (Visual Studio Enterprise 2015 Update 3)

I have a PCL project with all of my xaml pages in it. I tried adding a button in xaml.

The button didnt show up. I checked the xaml.g.cs file and no element is in there, I then added


to it. and from other projects, it usually will auto create the method. it did not. so i, then, added the method manually. compiles fine, try to run on my phone and exception "No method "OnImportClick" found in type.....

On a different page, i renamed the class. the .g.cs file did not pick that up either. i had to manually edit it to get it to compile. Anyone have any ideas as to what I'm missing/doing wrong?

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  • @ClintStLaurent , Thanks! I will work on that now, and get back to you soon.

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    Working through 203, I noticed no intellisense for the app.xaml element "ResourceDictionary" or any sub element. is this normal?

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    If you don't have ReSharper installed then you can expect poor XAML intellisense in VS2015.
    Its less bad in VS2017, but still not stellar.
    I strongly recommend ReSharper. If nothing else the 30 day free trial will help for now and prove its worth.

  • I ran through your 200 series tutorials, and everything works fine. I didnt notice some potholes in my MVVM understanding which probably led me to my issues. that and Shared vs PCL when i created the project. Thank you so much for the tutorials and direction!

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    Thanks for that. I'm not publicizing the series yet, beyond specific posts here. I want to get a few more posted and hear some feedback. As well as fix some display issues.

    Its a relief to hear someone say they did (and could) follow them to a positive outcome.

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