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Not able to use resgen on Mac to generate .cs strongly types resource class file

hemanthemant USMember ✭✭

I am using .resx for string resources in my Xamarin.Forms project. I have a TextResources.resx file and it generates a TextResources.Designer.cs file when compiled from Xamarin Studio. The properties of the .resx files are:
Build Action - EmbeddedResource
Custom Tool - PublicResXFileCodeGenerator

However the problem is with our automated build using CLI. The xbuild command is not supposed to generate the TextResources.Designer.cs file and hence the build fails. I need to use the resgen utility to generate this file and include it as a build step before running xbuild.

But, on a Mac the following resgen command does not work and shows up the Usage guide instead.
resgen /src:cs TextResources.resx

Can someone share their experiences on this please?


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