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i have this requirements,

  • items are grouped under categories.
  • when click on category its items displays in CarouselView.
  • display items each one in page with its information and price and its quantity its image , its description...etc.
  • move between items in carouselview (before i used carousel page control , and i faced memory problems because of number of items displayed in carousel, after i used CarouselView , it works very good fast and no memory issues , i used dataTemplate with binding itemsource).
  • each page in carousel has a button "Add to Cart"

the problem here is
when i click on add to cart button i didn't get the displayed information of the the item(such as item code, price , quantity ...etc.) on the current page, but i get the information of next page (next item).

any suggestion to get the current page in CarouselView, and access the current controls or current information on the current view (page)?

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