Xamarin Studio cannot locate the error.

I got a very strange stuff with my Xamarin Studio.

Xamarin Studio has a very powerful error handler and it can help me to locate where the error is, and which line cause it, like the pic:

It‘s really helpful.

The matter is that I have a project and it worked well previously, but the error handler has broken since iOS 10 released for it.
I thought that it's a iOS 10 compatibility problem, but I just found that it can work perfectly for the other projects.

And I just can get this one right now, like the pic:

It just give me a really shit error message, and it's no use.

Do I miss some configuration file? Or I need add something to my project? I have no idea.

Answer will be really appreciated.



  • JGoldbergerJGoldberger USMember, Forum Administrator, Xamarin Team, University Xamurai
    edited January 2017

    The error means that you (or perhaps the framework) passed a null object to a method that has a parameter name of buffer that does not allow a null object to be passed in. And the exception occurred outside of any other try/catch block (or was re-thrown from a catch block) so the exception ended up bubbling all the way up to the Main method.

    What you can try in Xamarin Studio is to open the Breakpoints pane (View->Debug Pads->Breakpoints) and click on New Exception Catchpoint. Enter System.ArgumentNullException in the text field under "When an exception is thrown." Then the IDE should pause on the line of code that first throws the exception.

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