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What will be best suited project architecture to avail the benefits OOPs in given scenario?

shreeshshreesh USMember
edited January 2017 in Cross Platform with Xamarin

Hi, I have to develop 4 different application for both platforms xamarin android and xamarin iOS, where there will be a parent app(P) hosting 3 different child apps(A,B and C), think parent app as a multi tasking app performing 3 different functionalities by hosting the child apps. The requirement is if a client asks for all the 3 functionalities then we can provide the .apk and .ipa of the parent app P, and if their is a requirement for any of the single functionality then we can provide the .apk and .ipa of the particular child app(A,B or C).
Hope it makes sense, all the 3 child apps are standalone when deployed separately and if we deploy the parent app then all the child apps will be sharing the data as well as some common functionalities.
And all 4 apps will support online as well as offline functionality, notifications etc. i.e there will a db storing some data.

Now the question is what project architecture can be followed best suited in this situation where we can develop all the 3 apps separately as well as able to combine them into a single parent app.

Please feel free to put up your doubts if my requirement is not clear , of which I am pretty sure :smile: I am not able to clarify.
Thanks in advance and I am looking forward for some valuable advices to find a best approach in my case.

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