Android Application only displays white screen, iOS works perfectly

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I'm experiencing odd behavior after updating some packages (like ReactiveUI 7, Xamarin Forms, SQLitePCL) and after replacing Akavache with my own SQLite implementation. I followed the instructions from Xamarin's documentation to install SQLite-net PCL.

Here's what's happening
The iOS version of the application works just as expected. The Android version launches and definitely executes my a Xamarin Forms application. If I set a breakpoint I can step through execution and see that my data has been successfully fetched from the server and from SQLite. I can step through my application, following execution to completion, yet my display remains white. This is true on both Android device and on the Android simulators.

I do not receive and errors during this process but I do get a lot of activity to my Application Output window which I've save to a gist:
Output Gist

Again, everything works perfectly on my iOS device and I haven't really edited the .iOS & .Droid applications other than to add renderers.

Has anyone dealt with this issue before? Thanks in advance.

**Dependencies **
* .Forms:
* .iOS:
* .Doid:


  • DanBeaulieuDanBeaulieu USMember ✭✭
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    I've isolated the problem. If I comment out any code relevant to Splat's Locator service, my application displays as expected. I will posts the ultimate solution to this issue once I have it resolved.

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