Xamarin.iOS UITesting - UnauthorizedAccessException

I ve been experimenting with Xamarin UI Testing on iOS for a while now and everything works as expected, except from the screenshots part. When doing app.Screenshot("First"); I get the following error message:

System.Exception : Error while performing Screenshot("First") ----> System.UnauthorizedAccessException : Access to the path "/screenshot-1.png" is denied.
I have searched everywhere on the web, but I could not find a way to overcome this issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

P.S: I have also run Xamarin Studio with administrator privileges but again with no luck

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  • ZebastianBergZebastianBerg SE
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    Hi! I faced the exact same issue and i managed to get rid of it by removing the "NUinit" reference (that was of version 3.6.0) and installing version 2.6.4 instead. That made the screenshots start working again.


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