Xamarin Enterprise activation from community edition

I have already downloaded the Xamarin community and using it with my project.
Now MSDN license has been bought and I have activated the license for Xamarin.

Should I have to uninstall the existing community edition Xamarin and install the Xamarin that following link offers ?



  • AshleyGazichAshleyGazich USMember, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    There shouldn't be a need to uninstall the existing Community edition. To associate the MSDN subscription, log into your Xamarin account via Xamarin Studio per the licensing options guide.

  • Thanks,Yeah that should be Ok I guess

    But functionality wise there should be some difference because the installer of community edition and enterprise edition size is different.

    Here is the screenshot

  • AshleyGazichAshleyGazich USMember, Xamarin Team Xamurai
    edited January 2017

    The size difference may be due to a small refresh published to Stable on 11 January. Enterprise customers have access Xamarin Profiler, live app inspection, and other subscription benefits that are not included at the Community tier--signing into your Xamarin account via the IDE provides the license information needed to grant use of enterprise features. If we sign into our Xamarin account in Xamarin Studio, notice it will show "Xamarin Studio Enterprise"; signing out, it becomes "Xamarin Studio Community", and enterprise features are not accessible until we sign in again.

  • DuraiamuthanHarikrishnanDuraiamuthanHarikrishnan GBMember ✭✭
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    Oh OK , I think its better I install the xamarin studio for enterprise instead of community one as it has more interesting features.

    When I signed into my xamarin community studio,it shows like below anyhow

    it doesn't make sense to me.any ideas ?

  • AshleyGazichAshleyGazich USMember, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    Are you signed in using the Xamarin account associated with the MSDN benefit redemption mentioned in the licensing guide? There is not an "enterprise" Xamarin installer--signing into the Xamarin account (via the IDE) associated with the enterprise subscription is the important part. The differences between Xamarin Studio tiers are at the bottom of this page; here is an overview and tour you might find interesting. I hope that helps!

  • Yes you are right I used MSDN benefit redemption. You mean to say I have to install "enterprise" Xamarin installer and sign in using the mail id associated with MSDN or I have to buy a yet another license ? Can ya plz clarify here

    .The mail Id that I used for Xamarin account and MSDN account is same

  • AshleyGazichAshleyGazich USMember, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    Is there a specific item in these steps that is not working for you? That guide provides a walkthrough of how to complete activation. Visual Studio now includes Xamarin; if you have an MSDN subscription, the guide should be all you need to activate.

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