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February 28, 2017: Malaysia, Xamarin BYOD Workshop C# - Part 1

etcheahetcheah MYUniversity, Developer Group Leader

Xamarin BYOD Workshop C# - Part 1

Date: February 25, 2017, 9.00AM-4.00PM
Location: Microsoft Malaysia
URL for Registration:

As we all know that Xamarin are now FREE in Visual Studio 2015 and it became Open Sources, we would like to announce that the Xamarin Workshop for beginner who don't know about Xamarin and basic C# programming.

**Objectives **

  • This workshop shows you how to create, build, run simple C# programs and create mobile applications that run on Android and Windows Phone.

**Software Configuration **
The following software MUST installed on your machine before attend workshop:

  • Window 10 Pro
  • Visual Studio 2015 Community / Professional
  • Xamarin Plug In

**Workshop Outline **
Module 1 Introduction of Xamarin and C# Programming + Exercise
Module 2 Branching & Looping + Exercise
Module 3 Object Oriented Programming + Exercise
Module 4 Adding Behavior in your Apps + Exercise
Module 5 Move your code to Mobile + Exercise

**(*Subject to Change) **
Note: We will using Xamarin Studio and Visual Studio with Xamarin for this workshop

**Target Audience **
Newbie who don't know C# programming

**Speaker **
Eng Teong Cheah, MVP

**Co-Trainer **
Eng Soon Cheah, MVP

**Note **

  • Organizer not responsible to help you install any software on your machine.
  • Organizer will not provided lunch to participant
  • Organizer will not provided any certificate to participant
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