I keep getting XamlFilePathAttribute class not found error when modifying Xaml files

SylvainGravelSylvainGravel Sylvain GravelCAMember ✭✭

This attribute was introduced in November. Somehow it get's injected in my generated cs files for my xaml views but the compiler has no clue where to find the attribute. I suppose I have a versioning problem. Is it possible to get the versions where this was introduced in tools and in the libraries please?


  • SylvainGravelSylvainGravel Sylvain Gravel CAMember ✭✭

    Could it be due to this line in my AssemblyInfo.cs? I didn't have that before...

    [assembly: XamlCompilation(XamlCompilationOptions.Compile)]

  • JonathanSosaJonathanSosa Jonathan Sosa JPMember

    Getting the same issue. Did you resolve it?

  • CuckooshkaCuckooshka Oxana Grishchenko USMember

    The same for me. I'm working with Xamarin.Forms. I've just updated all to the latest versions (Android SDK, all founded by Xamarin Studio updates , all packages in solution) and now I can't build the project.

  • alexgealexge Alexandre Gerfanion FRMember

    @Cuckooshka thank you it works

  • RonFreschiRonFreschi Ron Freschi USUniversity ✭✭

    Cleaning of bin and obj did not work.

    Error CS0234: The type or namespace name XamlFilePathAttribute' does not exist in the namespaceXamarin.Forms.Xaml'. Are you missing an assembly reference?

  • Manikandan_SManikandan_S Manikandan USMember

    @Cuckooshka said:
    Ok, here is what I did to fix it.

    • Cleanup solution
    • Close Xamarin Studio
    • Remove all .bin and .obj folders in all projects.
    • Open Xamarin Studio and rebuild the solution.

    I think the key is to remove .bin and .obj folders and rebuild the solution, because the generated .g.cs files are located somewhere in that folders, and they keep referencing on something inappropriate.
    After removal they will be regenerated without the error.

    For Xamarin studio we can use this fix.
    But im working on Jenkins automated build system. Every time i'm getting this error during release build.
    Any other solution for this?

  • LucaPisanoLucaPisano Luca Pisano ITMember

    Update Xamarin.Forms to version from nuget. It solves the issue

  • nogardnogard josef josef MXMember

    With VStudio you need click in Solution Clean after Click in Compile Solution.

    con visual studio es necesario limpiar el proyecto y despues compilar desde la misma solucion, no necesite regresar la version.


  • SylvainGravelSylvainGravel Sylvain Gravel CAMember ✭✭

    What I do is that I simply remove the line from the generated .cs file for the view

  • akashjindal6264akashjindal6264 Akash Jindal INMember

    Hi SylvainGravel,

    Removing the line worked for me.


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