Binding to Swift framework.

I have a problem generating binding for FolioReaderKit framework. Here is my console output:

sharpie bind --output=FolioReaderKit --namespace=FolioReaderKit --sdk=iphoneos10.2 ../iOS/NativeFrameworks/FolioReaderKit.framework/Headers/FolioReaderKit-Swift.h 
Parsing 1 header files...
../iOS/NativeFrameworks/FolioReaderKit.framework/Headers/FolioReaderKit-Swift.h:123:9: fatal error: module 'RealmSwift' not found
@import RealmSwift;

  [write] ApiDefinitions.cs

Seems like some kind of problem with iOS native frameworks written in swift. How can I fix that?


  • RobLanderRobLander GBMember ✭✭


    sharpie pod init ios FolioReaderKit

    ends up with error too:

    ** Searching for requested CocoaPods ...
    ** Working directory: 
    **   - Writing Podfile ...
    **   - Installing CocoaPods ...
    **     (running `pod install --no-repo-update`)
    Analyzing dependencies
    Downloading dependencies
    Installing AEXML (4.0.0)
    Installing FolioReaderKit (1.0.0)
    Installing FontBlaster (3.0.0)
    Installing JSQWebViewController (5.0.0)
    Installing MenuItemKit (2.0)
    Installing Realm (1.1.0)
    Installing RealmSwift (1.1.0)
    Installing SSZipArchive (1.5)
    Installing ZFDragableModalTransition (0.6)
    Generating Pods project
    error: could not install CocoaPod
  • BigLazyETBigLazyET USMember

    hi,have you solved this problem? i just met the same situation.

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