Sharing and receiving documents between apps with Xamarin Forms

jmfernandezjmfernandez Juan Manuel Fernández NácherUSMember


I need to send and receive a pdf document or image in an application with Xamarin Forms, using the share documents between applications feature.

I have seen that there is a plugin named "Share Plugin", but it only allows text sharing, I cannot send or receive any document.

To sum up, I would need two things:
1. Share a document with another application.
2. Register my application so it appears in the application selection dialog when I want to share a document.

Both with Xamarin Forms.

Is that possible?

⁠⁠⁠Thank you.



  • JaimeCastellRodrguezJaimeCastellRodrguez Jaime Castelló Rodríguez ESMember

    I have the same problem, and there is not much information about this.

    Have you got it?

    I have tried adding share extension, and my app appears in the application seleciont dialog (the first time you need click on the trhee dots, and activate it), but after selecting my app nothing more happens.

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