Need a Plan B, seeking medium term path through toolset wobbles.

camelCasecamelCase USMember

I have just spent a frustrating 2 days trying to bootstrap my way into Xamarin development but have limped away wounded. My conclusion is that VS2017rc + Xamarin.Forms + Android Nougat represent too many parts in a state of flux right now.

I could not get a couple of pre-built sample app solutions deployable on the Android emulator and ended up with a completely broken VC2017 install where all the Xamarin bits had vanished. I have been coding heavy duty server-side C# since 2002 and programming since 1984 so I don’t give up easily.

As a start-up founder I need to get a modest business productivity iPhone and Android app into beta by April. 85% of my application complexity sits on Azure servers, the mobile apps are just an enabler and not the prime selling point.

Would any resident expert like to pass comment on my Xamarin Plan B?

  1. Back away from Xamarin for January and model the mobile app as an WinForm prototype with the mobile app business tier coded in PCL projects.
  2. Restart Xamarin development in February when hopefully there will be a well document path for creating a stable Xamarin VS2017 install.
  3. Ignore Xamarin.Forms in this restarted development in order to navigate around manifest dependency fragility in the Xamarim.Forms stack.
  4. Simplify my Xamarin toolset by developing the ios app using Xamarin Studio running on a Macbook, develop the Android app in VS2015 or 17 targeting the minimum Android version that offers Material UI.


  • GavinGrantGavinGrant GBUniversity ✭✭✭

    I would go with 4 and also do the Android development on the Mac. I have been using Xamarin (Mono Touch) for 6 years and have NEVER used Visual Studio or Xamarin.Forms for any 'real' development. Also, don't even think about using the Xamarin IOS designer. Use Xcode / Interface Builder instead. Way easier to use and the official Apple way of creating screens.

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