Xamarin Forms UrhoSharp - How to set up the Assets Folder

AbhiNilAbhiNil CAMember ✭✭✭

Hey guys ,

I'm trying to use a folder in a XF - Urho Application but its not working .

UrhoSurface.Show<UrhoApp>(new ApplicationOptions("Data"));

var cache = ResourceCache;

planeObject.Model = cache.GetModel("Models/Plane.mdl");

In my Droid Assets , i created the Folder "Data" and added the Models etc...

Am i missing something ?


  • DonGilliusDonGillius BEMember

    i'm having the same issue, did you solve this??

  • LukasFrankenLukasFranken USMember

    same issue here. trying to figure out what could cause the issue, unfortunately the sample project for urho.forms does not include any resources...

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