Multi platform question - Xamarin, Forms, and .NET Core Web apps platform


I wonder if anyone can let me know if I'm wrong?

When you choose the development platform for Forms, you can just get the targets of mobile devices. You can't - by some way - also get a .NET Core Web Apps. It's pretty obvious. I was asked to look in to - if there's any way, to avoid the need to also developing a Web App also to support Web browsers also. I can't see there's any other way than also developing a separate .NET Web system also. Anyone disagree?


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    I must be missing something that makes this a problem.
    I simply added a new project of Core Web app and it added to my solution just fine. I'm not a web app guy so I don't know exactly how to test it, share code etc. But I remember seeing a ton of talk about this in the live web feed from the Connect()2016 conference a couple months ago. I would imagine all that video is now available for streaming someplace, probably off Microsoft.

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