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Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition and Xamarin.Forms - Proper installation and configuration

neblazneblaz DEMember ✭✭


I use a PC with Windows 10 64-bit, and would like to install Visual Studio Community Edition and use Xamarin.Forms to develop mobile Apps for Android devices.

When I start the VS Setup, mark C#/.NET (Xamarin v4.2.1) under Cross Platform Mobile Development, other marks are automatically set under Common Tools and Software Development Kits.

For example, why is Android Native Development Kit (R10E, 32 bits) selected? Why not the 64 bits version, or even why not R11C?
What for is that NDK and do I have to install it? On what does it depend to choose 32 bits or 64 bits, and on what does it depend to choose R10E or R11C?

Further the Android SKD is intalled, not further information is provided. What is this about, do I need it?

Further, wouldn't it be sufficient enough to select the latest Android SKD Setup (API Level 23)? Why is API Level 19 and 21 selected and API Level 23, but not API Level 22?

Further, Java SE Development Kit (7.0.550.13 is selected. I do already have the latest Java 1.8 SDK 64-bit installed on my PC. If I deselect the Java SE 7.0.550.13, all checkmarks are suddenly deselected.

So I would like to install VSwith Xamarin.Forms but have no clue what the VS Setup is installing as default for me.

Further, after the VS Setup is finished, do I need to do some additional configurations in VS?
I would like to make a proper installation and configuration of VS and Xamarin.Forms, to be able to develop Xamarin.Forms Apps for Android devices.



  • kentuckerkentucker USMember ✭✭✭✭✭

    All the stuff you see there are for the c++ android projects. You should check the check box to install xamarin if you want to use c# to write mobile apps. Here is a list of stuff you can check is configured properly for the latest version of android and IOS

  • neblazneblaz DEMember ✭✭

    All the check marks you see in the screenshot are because of me selecting C#/.NET (Xamarin v4.2.1) to be installed in the VS setup. As soon as I select C#/.NET (Xamarin v4.2.1) to be installed, those are set automatically too. So I believe it has nothing to do with C++.

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