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Xamarin Update in Visual Studio breaks Storyboard Designer

ViperLockeViperLocke USMember
edited December 2016 in Visual Studio

I have several View Controllers in my Main Storyboard of an iOS project. Everything was working great, then I updated Xamarin through the Tools in Visual Studio and now when I load the Main Storyboard all of my View Controllers are skewed to a weird view. The constraints are broken and some are hidden to where I can't even access them. I have tried viewing the storyboard on every platform (5S, 6, 6Plus) and none seem to help. When I run in a simulator or phone it looks fine, but it makes it impossible to edit and maintain. Please advise a way to fix my storyboard.


  • IfeanyiIfeanyi USMember ✭✭

    I'm seeing something similar. Not exactly the same but the designer is mucking up my storyboard so badly that once I close it I cannot open it anymore. I get a null reference exception loading the main storyboard. The issue is driving me nuts.

    I can get it to open by getting a version of the file form a couple changesets ago and then I can open it and make certain changes. but if I close it and try reopening I get a designer load null reference exception and can't do anything afterwards.

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