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java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: already added

Hi I am struggling with this exception from last couple days and not able to find any work around. I have tried most of all resolution provided on web but still not successful. Any help will be really appreciated.


I am trying to integrate my application with external finger print reader. FP reader vendor has provided .jar file which i have converted to .net dll using xamarin binding. Also they have jni libs which i have included using libs directory.

java sample code provided uses Handle to pass back and forth event between their API Sdk and application. As per documentation I tried class extending from Java.Lang.Object and that's where i get into this issue while compiling the code. If I dont extend class from Java.Lang.Object I dont get compilation application but then app doesnt work as expected.

**Error java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: already added : Lcom/upek/android/ptapi/PtConnectionI; mobileApp.Droid **

I tried looking for duplicate jar files but I couldnt find one.

Any help will be really appreciated. I am dead in water for now.

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