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Video Player In Xamarin Forms Throws System.InvalidOperationException: Sequence contains no matching

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  • ElertanElertan USMember

    I had done it this way before too, without success. But for the purpose of showing you, I did it exactly with your code. Look at what happens 1. I can click the episodes opening the video 2. I can watch the video without any problems, its perfect! 3. After clicking done in the left top corner, after about 3~ seconds this error pops up

  • ElertanElertan USMember

    I do agree with you that making the code robust is a must. However it's more in a concept fase than a good working version. If I wouldnt have gotten the error I'm having trouble with right now, I wouldve added these null check's. But Im really sure that's not the problem. I will make a demo project to see if I can reproduce the error.

  • ElertanElertan USMember

    I fixed it. It was not relevant to the code that plays the video as suggested by you. Thanks alot!

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