Xamarin.InAppBilling broken in release build - BillingHandler.BuyProduct() does nothing

Alex_DarbyAlex_Darby USMember

The android billing plugin is broken in release build. Everything works perfectly in the debug build though.

The method ServiceConnection.BillingHandler.BuyProduct() does nothing in release build.

I also tested the included InAppBillingTest project which has the same problem so the issue is not specific to my project.

I have the latest Xamarin since December 22nd 2016.

Does the Android billing module need some additional project changes for release build?


  • Alex_DarbyAlex_Darby USMember
    edited December 2016

    Found the issue. Had to use Device.BeginInvokeOnMainThread for the buy product method in Xamarin forms.

    The sample project that comes with the Xamarin.InAppBilling module should be updated to fix the release build issue,

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