How do I install Xamarin Component (.xam file) in Visual Studio?

It seems I can only install Xamarin Components from Component Store. Now the component I need to install is distributed via file only. How do I install it in VS?


  • Hi there,

    Did you get an answer to this?

    I am also having an issue with trying to install a component for an RFID reader to an Android project. The manufacturer has supplied a xamarin component (.xam) file and suggested using the the xamarin-component.exe tool to install it.

    Whenever I try and download the tool I get a virus warning from Windows Defender. The link supplied for the tool is

    Any ideas?


  • donovanjakobidonovanjakobi USMember
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    Ok... so for anyone else struggling I have found a solution.

    Through NuGet Package Manager I installed EMDK For Xamarin. This package contained the xamarin-component.exe tool.

    Once it was installed I simply searched for the install directory and then used xamarin-component.exe tool to install my component.

    For reference the path to the tool was C:\Users\Public\Symbol EMDK for Xamarin\VS15\v2.5 on my machine.

    To install your component simply:

    • Open a Command Prompt (I ran mine as administrator)
    • Change to the install directory cd C:\Users\Public\Symbol EMDK for Xamarin\VS15\v2.5
    • Use xamarin-component.exe install c:\theFolderWhereYouSavedComponent\yourComponent.xam

    Once the component was installed I was then able to open Visual Studio, and my project, right click on components and add my component to the project.

    Hope that helps :)

  • BenHlzemerBenHlzemer USMember ✭✭

    if you don't find the EMDK in nuget you can get the xamarin-component.exe tool here:

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