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UICollectionView Display like it was related by the screen frame and not its container's frame

Photon76Photon76 FRMember ✭✭

I used the storyboard to rely by and embed segue a container view (that is small than the screen ) to a collectionview controller (containing an uiimageview and a uilabelview).
Working well... until I played with some parameters in the storyboard, and try to scale by code....

My issue is that the uicollectionview doesnt care about the frame of the container and layout like it was in the frame of the screen (I see black rectangles), however it is still clipped by the the containers bounds...

Then I commented all the code that I added, cleaned the project several times, put the same parameters that I had before. But it still the same!!!
I dont understand how could it be!!

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