Spinner item selected event question

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I have a spinner that is prepopulated with data from SharedPreferences, for a favorites menu. So for example this spinner has 3 items:
Column3 - default column
These colums act as favorites that the user can quickly navigate to, as there are 68 total columns.

When the app loads it loads the default column, which is my first column in my list of 68 columns.
Yet the column in the spinner is Column1, not the default column, even though the event triggered on Column1. So if I were to select the spinner item Column1 it won't trigger the event for some reason, and I assume it is because on startup that column1 was already selected. The same thing happens if I hit the same Column twice in the spinner, the event doesn't trigger.

Is there a way to make the event trigger again even if the same item is selected twice in a row?
If not is there a way around this issue that I am not thinking of?


  • JPHochbaumJPHochbaum ✭✭✭ USMember ✭✭✭

    Another issue that is likely related is that when I ad a new Column to my favorites list in the spinner, my listview resets to Column1, the first column in the spinner.

    It is activating my registered event Spinner.ItemSelected. Is there a way to avoid this when updating an array adapter?

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