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Different screens sizes only 4 layout types, how to handle?

I asked this before but no one gave me a straight answer.
The problem is for an example i have created 4 different layouts ( small, normal, large and xlarge ) and i built them using a tab 10.1 so it runned okay with xlarge, but like i made my normal layout for 800x480 screen so when i put in a galaxy s1 it runs okay but when i put in a galaxy ace it like only appear half of the app the rest goes out of the screen... ( cause ace uses the normal layout).

I really searched for it and found like a lot of things saying i should use "dp" and fill_parent and wrap_content but there are some parts of my layout i cant set like that i need to put a value for a buttons height and then when i run again in ace or a galaxy s1 it comes different...

My ideia was to make the small layout for each of them like make my normal layout fits in ace but then i would have too much screen free on s1, then i tough can it like put the app in the center of the screen of s1 and let some black rectangles in the top and in the botton? I guess that would be fine... but i dont know if its possible, it is?

Please i need to get this right for me to keep developing any help is welcome thanks o/

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