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Visual Studio 2015 Android and WinPhone emulators not rendering correctly

When trying to launch an Android or WinPhone emulator from VS2015, using a Xamarin Forms application, the emulators do not render the graphics correctly.

Both of them launch and boot up the OS, however when entering the XF application, all the images and graphics are messed up, with black background and rendering random pixels. When testing the same app on a Galaxy S6 Edge, the app behaves correctly and the graphics are rendered correctly.

Is there any setting in the emulators to correct this or in Visual Studio?

Any help will be highly appreciated! Thank you!


  • ClintStLaurentClintStLaurent USUniversity ✭✭✭✭✭


    Screenshots would help a lot. They're pretty much a requirement when asking about anything rendering related. Others have to see what you see, in order to have something to go by.

    Including the relevent XAML markup and one or two of the misbehaving images would help too.

    Without that all we have is you saying "My app is broke. It has problems others don't have. How do I fix it?"

  • @ClintStLaurent

    I think I explained the issue wrong.

    The app is not broken, as on a real device, Galaxy S6 Edge, it renders correctly, no flaws.

    On the android emulator as well as the win phone emulator from visual studio, this is what gets rendered:

    It is painful to test the app each time on a real device just to see it render correctly, so my question is: is there any setting that needs to be done in Visual Studio or in the emulators to fix this issue?

    1.PNG 66.5K
    2.PNG 122.5K
    3.PNG 148.3K
  • @TheRealJasonSmith any thoughts on this issue ?

  • Just a guess:
    Maybe your Windows display-drivers are the problem. Try to install another driver like the Microsoft Basic Display Adapter and see if the problem persists.

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