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Future of Xamarin Studio now that VS Mac is in Preview?

I recently updated Xamarin Studio, & then went to go check out Visual Studio for Mac simultaneously (since it's in Preview now!).

However, seems like the Xamarin Studio download page was now simply directing all users to use VS for Mac, & I couldn't find the old Xamarin Studio download.

What is the expected future/transition timeline for Xamarin Studio? What breaking/major changes (if any) should I expect if we are expected to eventually transition?



  • mattwardmattward GBMember Xamurai

    What download page are you refering to? The Xamarin Studio download page should allow you to download Xamarin Studio since Visual Studio for Mac is still in preview.

    Older versions of Xamarin Studio can be downloaded from your account page.

  • Coruscate5Coruscate5 USMember ✭✭

    Thanks! I was able to get to the download from the Account page.

    I think the page I was talking about was here: - the Professional/Enterprise edition links just redirect to MSFT for VS. But I did find that the "Community" link does actually download Xamarin Studio Community edition.

    Should we expect that both products will continue in parallel, or too early to say?

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