NSStatusItem with a DoubleClick and a context menu?

Are these two things mutually exclusive? I notice that my DoubleClick handler stops firing when an NSMenu is added.
This is easy to test by adding to the MacXibless sample, the line
item.DoubleClick += (sender, e) => { Console.WriteLine("DoubleClicked");};
And alternately commenting out the menu creation lines

If this is expected, can anyone recommend a workaround?



  • ChrisHamonsChrisHamons USXamarin Team Xamurai

    The documentation doesn't say much, but this doesn't surprise me. I bet apple is doing tricking with tracking and event loops.

    If there is a work around, it'd be you subclassing the StatusBarItem or button somehow and doing all of the mouse click handling yourself. I have not looked into if this is even possible.

    Deep customization of Cocoa controls is fraught with pain and suffering. :(

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