Xamarin Updates - confusing

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I find the Xamarin Update confusing.

Here's how the it looks right now for Beta and Alpha branches:

I see two issues:

1) For Beta and Alpha branches, it shows updates for Xamarin.Android with the same version: 4.8.2 and pointing to the same link (http://docs.xamarin.com/releases/android/xamarin.android_4/xamarin.android_4.8#Xamarin.Android_4.8.2)

How can two different branches have updates for the same version number?

Since an Alpha is more fresh than a Beta, shouldn't each branch refer to a separate version number?

For example: for Beta have Xamarin.Android 4.8.2 and for Alpha have Xamarin.Android

2) Even within same branch (Alpha) it shows 3 updates with the same version numbers and pointing to the same link(http://docs.xamarin.com/releases/android/xamarin.android_4/xamarin.android_4.8#Xamarin.Android_4.8.2)

Again, if there are 3 updates, then why all refer to the same version number?
If there aren't 3 updates, why it is showing 3?

It would be nice if Xamarin could post (on blog maybe) details when a new version comes out.
At least talk about main fixes, how they might affect existing applications, talk about main features and so on.
The release notes are useful but they are not always helpful enough.

Generally, I think Xamarin should communicate more on their current updates, future updates, what developers should expect. Also, some realistic timelines for the future important implementations (like PCL) would be also much helpful.

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